The Producers Perspective 

“Whenever I start a new project and Directors give me a short list of lighting designers they want to work with, Ben Stanton’s name is always on it.  Always.  Like every single time. I’m surprised it took me as long as Spring Awakening to work with him, since I had heard his name so often, and seen his work all over, including in Fun Home (his first Tony nomination), this season’s Fully Committed, Seminar, as well as a ton of super cool Off Broadway stuff like Murder Ballad. And of course, when I saw his work on Spring (his current nomination), well, I understood why he was on everyone’s short list.  And now he’s on mine too.
Ben took time out from his crazy schedule of lighting like 147 shows and being a new Dad to help me understand how lighting affects a show and . . .

  • How being trained as a drummer makes him a better lighting designer.
  • How guessing is involved in lighting design.
  • Does he like how shows are incorporating more and more projections?  (An interesting perspective considering his wife is the super talented projection designer Lucy Mackinnon, who also was on Spring.)
  • What LEDs are doing to Broadway and is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  • What he wants all Broadway producers to know about lighting design.

I’m a huge believer that to produce theater or to write for the theater or to direct for the theater . . . to do anything that has to look at the whole picture . . . you need to understand the elements. And Ben does a great job in this podcast of, well, showing us the light.”    Ken Davenport, Producer

In 1: The Podcast

“Lighting Design with Scott Bolman, Burke Brown, and Ben Stanton. The three studio mates sat down with Cory in Brooklyn to talk about the highs and lows of being a working lighting designer in 2015. They cover a wide range of topics including making a living and keeping costs down while making small fees, how they find and utilize assistants, how they choose what projects to say yes to, and whether it’s a designer’s job to find a way “in” to every piece. Cory and the guys also chat about when it’s ok for the LD to also program, how much the inventory really matters, what parts of their job they wish they were better at, and how they incorporate new technology into their designs, such as Ben’s decision to include over 150 LED lekos in his Tony nominated design for ‘Fun Home.’ (hint..it worked!) The more the merrier this week, so pull up a chair and eavesdrop on our discussion.”   Cory Pattak, Lighting Designer

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