Visual Concepts & Art Direction by
Lighting Design by Ben Stanton
Touring LD Jason Carroll
Additional lighting programming by Jon Goldman

“Before St. Vincent’s appearance on the stage I wasn’t really prepared for how theatrical a performance it was going to be, but as soon as the curtain rose and the You Only Live Twice-esque motif that opens “Surgeon” came oozing out of the stereo it was clear this was going to be a more highly-produced show than I had anticipated. Through much of the show the lighting danced around Clark often casting her in silhouette – a slim frame comfortably wielding a guitar, always poised to take a sudden jerk or turn in tone. Other times it was quite stunning to see Clark under a spotlight while the rest of her band remained in almost complete darkness, forcing us to make the realisation that while the band are doing a lot of work, this really is a show about one central person.”   

Review of St.Vincent @ the Music Box, Los Angeles, by Rob Hakimian, OneThirtyBPM