Written by and starring Ms. Bernhard
featuring the Rebellious Jezebels

The Darly Roth Theater, NYC
Opening Night April 6th, 2006

musical director, LaFrae Sci
sets by David Swayze
sound by Walter Trarbach and Tony Smolenski

“Give the dame her due: Sandra Bernhard was a proverbial rock star long before headline-making folks in even the most prosaic walks of life were being referred to as such.

So she doesn’t fill Midwestern arenas with headbangers. And maybe she has never had a song on the charts. But while she is primarily known as a ranting comic, Ms. Bernhard does actually sing, and fronts a jammin’ rock band in her new show. And she has always had the freaky strut, the skinny frame and the righteous energy of a female Mick Jagger.

Picture Mick as an angry, neurotic Jewish girl — I know it’s hard, but try — and you’ve pictured Ms. Bernhard to the life. The comparison extends even to those lips, plush piles of rubbery flesh that make poor Mick’s look like a leaking inner tube.

Like the Rolling Stones’ frontman, Ms. Bernhard has been a style setter for some time now. Attitudes that she first struck back in the 1980’s have now become commonplaces of the cultural discourse. She pioneered the simultaneously worshipful and mocking approach to celebrities that is now a reflexive pose for those who click to Gawker and Defamer every morning before even getting to the coffee, and watch “American Idol” with supposed irony. (Kathy Griffin, the perkily mean comedian who has made a career of slaying the same stars she fawns over, should probably pay Ms. Bernhard royalties for the rest of her career.)”

– Charles Isherwood, New York Times