Book and lyrics by Itamar Moses
Music and lyrics by Gaby Alter

Directed by Michelle Tattenbaum
Choreography by Mandy Moore

Second Stage Theater, NYC
Opening Night: July 18, 2013

Sets by Mark Wendland
Costumes by Jessica Pabst
Sound by Dan Moses Schreier

Photos by Joan Marcus

“Many a love affair has blossomed over shared litanies of irritation. And where better than in a sendup of dunderheaded television to sing of things you love to hate? Virtually the entire appeal of competition shows is the groaning feast of scorn-worthiness they offer: cluelessly self-obsessed contestants, ludicrous challenges mounted with stern seriousness, smarmy hosts with too many gleaming teeth, thundering music punctuating moments of factitious drama. 

All of these delectable horrors, and more, are lampooned in this agreeably snarky musical, which opened on Thursday night at Second Stage Theater. Written by Itamar Moses (book and lyrics) and Gaby Alter (music and lyrics), and directed by Michelle Tattenbaum, “Nobody Loves You” hurls darts at its soft target with impressive aim, nimbly spoofing a subject you’d think would be spoof-proof — thus defeating odds tougher than your chances of landing a spot on “The Amazing Race.””

– Charles Isherwood, New York Times

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